If you’ve never heard of “The Thief and the Carpenter,” you might want to head out to your local YouTube and watch the fan-restored copy of it.  This movie is pretty much the perfect example of overthinking things.  It took almost thirty years to make, and when you look at every frame, you can tell.  Somehow, the three decades it took made this movie simultaneously wonderful and awful, mostly because the art influences of the 70’s don’t always mix well with the art influences of the 90’s.

Richard Williams, the director, intended for this to be his masterpiece, and something that could out-Disney Disney.  And I think the trick to it that he missed is, you can’t really just make something with that intent.  I want to know if at some point someone in charge said, “Can’t we just make a really good movie?”

Anyway, part one is below.  You should watch.


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