Public links posted when available.  For all others I will pressure you to order.  It’s only fair.


A cappella Zoo: “Damsel,” October 2009. (story)
Anemone Sidecar
: “A Missed Connection Between a Common Dwarf Mongoose and King William III of England,” August 2010. (issue)
Awkward Two: “Instructions for Operating a Heartbreaking Machine” and “Minutes From the New Harper Valley PTA,” September 2010. (order)
Barrier Islands Review: “Mr. Guttenburg,” December 2010. (issue on main page.  story on page 24)
Cavalier Literary Couture: “Life As an After-School Special,” May 2010. (story)
Emprise Review: “Ekphrasis of You Getting Wasted,” September 2010. (story)
For Every Year: 1600 (“Steps for Demagnetization”). (story)
Liquid Imagination: “Betula”. (story)
Opium Magazine: “This Shit Could Dissolve Paint,” October 2010. (story)
The ShadowCast Audio Anthology: “The Isolated,” September 2010. (story)


Black Lantern Publishing: “The Doll,” May 2010. (poem)
The Lyric Magazine
: “Ballad of the Beamish Boy,” March 2008. (not available for order.  Winner of the 2008 College Contest.)
So Good
: “Seeing a Mermaid While Swimming,” May 2008. (not available for order)

Other Things

An interview at Awkward Press.
A review of Awkward Two and blurbs about my work.

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